“Why Advertising Doesn’t Pay”

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If you are interested, then you’re just moments from finding out “Why Advertising Doesn’t Pay.” If you know “Why Advertising Doesn’t Pay,” then you will know how to make it pay. I will leave nothing out. I will tell you now everything you need to know to overtake your competitors.

When you leave this web site, you will have the knowledge to own your market . . . IF you deserve it! Deserve it? That’s right. If you have the product, price and service that’s as good or better than your competitors, there’s no reason you can’t eat your competition alive with the knowledge you are gaining right now. I’ve been doing this for businesses, for my entire career. I started at age 15, I’m now a very young 61. I have a career full of knowledge that you are going to get for free.

Let’s get started:

  • djIf you know what you’re doing (and you will in just a moment), you do not have to spend a lot of money to make advertising pay.
  • Radio is the best way to make it happen. Print does not communicate emotions. The Human voice does.
  • When your radio presentation comes on the air, you must put a mind freeze on the radio listener, every time. I use the first half of a 60 second commercial just to get the attention of the listeners. Your advertising is useless if you can’t get the listeners’ attention . . . and keep it.
  • The first few seconds of a commercial must be so interesting that the listener will turn the radio up to find out what’s going on.
  • The best way to grab attention is to say things people don’t expect you to say, and I mean totally out of the box. Never say anything that is rude, crude, or immoral to get attention. The attention getter does not have to be about your product or business.
  • The best way to grab attention is with humor. Don’t laugh. The most popular commercials in America feature talking lizards and cave men that get their feelings hurt. Humor makes you feel good and people want to stop and listen.
  • You have to find someone that knows how to write exclusively for you and project humor. Not everyone is humorous; not everyone can tell a joke. We all know some of these people. It’s like everyone who thinks they can sing, can’t sing either.
  • Remember, we want a total brain freeze.
  • In the beginning of the commercial, I like to tell a humorous story that wins friendship with the listener so the listener believes what I’m saying about you.
  • The writer and announcer must do a “Theater Of The Mind” in the listener’s head. A memory expert taught me years ago that in order to remember something; you must see a clear picture of it in your mind - Much like the old-time radio dramas. That’s why nightmares can scare the heck out of you, even though they are just in the mind.
  • The best way to make a radio commercial not work . . . sound like a radio announcer. If you sound like a paid announcer, why should anyone believe what you are saying? When I do a commercial for my clients, I sound like someone you would like to know and would like to have at your next party. Wherever I go people often ask for autographs and for CD’s of my commercials.
  • I make sure that people are looking forward to hearing your next commercial. In 60 seconds you’ve got to be good, but also entertaining.
  • radioSouthern style presentations work in the South and even better in the North. Jeff Foxworthy and Larry The Cable Guy are popular around the globe because of the way they speak and deliver a story. It may be above your budget to get these guys to work for you. But I can. I’ve developed a unique way to tell a visual story and sell people on a business in just 60 seconds.
  • Never buy a radio commercial that’s less than 60 seconds. Less than that and you won’t have time to win friends, tell a story, and then tell your story.

  • on airThe announcer must use their name on the radio. If I’m not willing to put my name out for a company or product, why should the radio listener believe me?
  • By the pure nature of it, radio stations cannot do a complete, unique job for you. Radio stations have to treat everyone equal. Radio people are great people and they do the best they can for you. But if they can’t treat you special or better than your competitors, it will be suicide. Therefore, by necessity, going to the local radio station to have commercials cut will not make you stand out in the crowd. If the local announcer got out of the box for you, your competitors would come out of the box and give them heck about it. I would, too, if I were your competitor. They just can’t afford to make you sound better than your competitors.

Now you know a few reasons “Why Advertising Doesn’t Pay,” which means you also know how to make it pay. If you agree with the information above, I can help you make it happen as I have done for many others over the last few decades.

Should you and I form a relationship, I will write, produce and record a commercial every 4-5 weeks, exclusively for you, to be used in a 60 mile radius of your business. My experience tells me that each commercial should run about 5 weeks.

This will work on most any station (all stations have listeners). Sometimes the smaller, less expensive stations can do a super job for you. However, I will advise you on how to choose the proper stations in your area. If you choose the right station and you get me on the air at least twice a day, you can own your market. The more times you can get me on the air in your area the faster the results. You do not have to run but one or two commercials a day, but you will have to be more patient with the time it takes to work. After all, it can’t work until after they run.

Here is one of the best parts: I WILL WORK EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU . . . . NOT YOUR COMPETITORS!!!

You will have a 60 mile exclusive on the type of business you have. I will not do competitive clients in your area. As long as you are a client, I will not knowingly work with your competitors. There is a chance I will be on the air for other businesses in your area THAT DO NOT COMPETE WITH YOU.

Let’s talk money. FREE!

Through the techniques I use, if I can grow your business at least $500 per week, I will be free and will continue to work for you for many years to come. If your business does not have the potential to grow at least $500 per week, then I am not for you. If you and I together can’t grow your business at least $500 per week, you and I both need to be doing something else.

If you and I were fishing together and you gave me $500 and I then gave you $501, you would do that all day long, wouldn’t you? Darn right you would. This is exactly what I’m talking about.

A trial period is available!

You should know I am not interested in working for just anyone. I put a lot of time and thought into every commercial. I only have so much time. I’m only human and can only accept a few business relationships at this time.

In order for the commercials to be produced on time, you must provide me with new information for the new commercials . . . 3 weeks before air date. Just tell me what you want people to know about your business, and I’ll do it with fun and humor. Two commercials will be delivered each time which will cover 8 to 10 weeks.

A signed agreement will exist for a minimum trial period. At any time after the trial period, either party has the option to terminate the agreement.

After the agreement is signed and you have made your first payment, the first commercial will be sent for your approval and you can suggest changes.

If for any reason I can’t make you happy with the first commercial, we will terminate our agreement and you will receive a full refund. This way you can’t lose.

I have always put my heart and soul into every commercial. I’m seeking a business relationship with only a very few select clients. If you like what you have learned so far, then let me know it. You can send an email to tanf@tanfletcher.com with all your contact information and we will get in touch with you.

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Tan H. Fletcher